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The Lielvarde District Longterm Development Strategy 2013 – 2030 names three longterm development priorities:

1. An educated, civilized, cultural, socially active, socially secure society oriented toward family values and positive change.

Considering national social economic processes, it is especially important to pay attention to the growth and maintenance of human capital. Thus, a longterm priority in the district is the development of an educated, socially secure society that actively participates in district development and helps form the living space for present and future generations.  An educated socially active, socially secure and family values oriented society is the basis of an attractive and exciting living environment in which individuals can successfully realize their potential. It is highly likely that such a living environment will increase the district population, thus promoting business activity and economic growth.

2. A modern urban-rural environment with high quality sustainable living and recreational space.

The quality of living and recreational space is determined by well-ordered infrastructure and a high quality natural environment. The development of living and recreational space is a long term priority for the district thus promoting the development of tourism and district recognition. A high quality infrastructure makes the district attractive for living, business, social and culture  activities. A well-maintained natural environment and cultural landscape makes the district attractive for living and tourism.

3. A developed environmentally friendly economic, business and employment space.

In order to promote economic growth in the district, business and business environment development will ensure employment opportunities and raise the standard of living. As the business space is developed, existing businesses will develop and grow and new businesses will feel the impetus to open. As a result, employment in the district will increase along with personal income and municipal revenue.

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