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In Lielvarde district the Education Department formed by the district, oversees and supports the functions in the area of education.

The work of the Department is organized by the Head of the Department, school support in methodology and extra-curricular activities is the responsibility of the Education Specialist.  Four social educators, a speech therapist and a school psychologist provide support for children with special needs to promote their integration in district schools and kindergartens. The Education Department also organizes summer employment programs, coordinates children’s and youth summer camps, organizes a youth business idea competition and promotes the development of grass roots sports activities.

About 1700 students attend district schools.

Schools are a significant development resource in the district and a positive indicator of its level of overall competitiveness. The educational system in the district consists of general education facilities (kindergartens, elementary schools, secondary schools and an elementary level boarding school) and professional/vocational education facilities.

The municipality of Lielvarde offers high quality education programs at 8 facilities:

  • Kindergarten „Put vejini”
  • Ledmane Elementary School
  • Lielvarde Elementary School
  • Edgars Kaulins Lielvarde Secondary School
  • Jumprava Elementary School
  • Jumprava Boarding Elementary School
  • Lielvarde District Music and Art School
  • Lielvarde District Sports Center
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