Ledmane manor
Lēdmane Manor, Lēdmane, Lielvārde District

All of the buildings that were part of Lēdmane Manor were torn down or collapsed in the 1960s and 1970s. The main building of the manor was built in classic style and is a good example of a unique and original layout. The building itself is a massive cube-shaped construction with a pond in the front and remains of a brick barn at the side. A stone granary with a lift to the second floor was once located behind the building. Only a few rocks remain. The building is now privately owned.

Turpinot lietot šo lapu, Jūs piekrītat, ka Lielvārdes novada pašvaldība uzkrās un lietos sīkdatnes Jūsu ierīcē.
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